Most of the WINDOVERT products can be motorised. It is also possible to install wind and sun sensors for blinds where necessary.  It is best to install such products at the time of building, but retro-fitting is always possible.

The control of the product can be by a switch mounted on the wall or by remote control. It is possible to control a bank of products with one remote control or switch. All motors have limit switches to ensure effective operation. In all cases a power source is required close to the location of the motor (usually in the head rail of the product).

Details for the various products are as follows:

Roller Blinds: The easiest of all the products to motorise. The motor fits neatly into the tube, but does require a transformer.

50mm Aluminium, Tecwood and Timber Venetian Blinds: Motors are available that will control tilt only or tilt and lift. The motors are located in the head rail and do require a transformer.

Awnings: The motor fits neatly into the barrel and operates off 220V thus eliminating the need for a transformer. Sun and Wind sensors are sometimes recommended in high wind areas.

Vertical Blinds: Motors are available for tilt anly or for tilt and traverse. The motors run alongside the track and do require a transformer.

Panel Track: These can be motorised with a transformer required.

Shutters: Individual panels can be motorised. These run off a battery without any local power source required and suitable where shutters are installed in hard to reach areas.

We use Somfy motors for all our motorisation. Somfy are regarded as the most reliable blind motor on the market. The Somfy motors carry a five year guarantee.