Silver Edge Security Shutters


Supply and installation of Windovert SILVER EDGE SECURITY SHUTTERS with 93mm aluminium louvres, in xxx color, inclusive of all components and operating systems. All components to be of stainless steel, aluminium and fibre reinforced nylon to unsure longevity to outside exposure. All louvres to be inserted into a 3.5mm thick wall on the stiles, to provide maximum security.

  • No. of panels, widths, heights and type of fixing required for accurate pricing. 
  • Specify whether hinged or bi-fold operation required.
  • Stacking widths to be taken into account where relevant.
  • More information on our WARRANTY.
System Max Panel Width Min Panel Width Max Height Louvre split
Hinged 950mm 350mm 2900mm >1600mm
Double Hinged 600mm 350mm 2900mm >1600mm
Bi-fold 950mm 350mm 2900mm >1600mm

The Windovert SILVER EDGE SECURITY SHUTTER is a new addittion to our range of Shutters. It has proven to be a very high qualtiy offering, ensuring particular emphasis on peace of mind when it comes to the Security aspect of Shutters.

  • Available in 93mm Louvres only.
  • The standad range of colours are WHITE, BRONZE, CREAM. Special colors can be ordered at a small premium.
  • Only the best quality 6063 aluminium used for all profiles.
  • Wool pile is used between panels and special F-tiltrod's are used to ensure the best closure and light control possible.
  • In-house componenty used, to guarantee the best quality and engineering of this crutial aspect of the Shutter's operatinal ability.
  • Sinlge action lock with 60mm travel on 8mm stainless steel rods.
  • 16mm rebate z-frame is available to use with the Hinged and Bi-fold sytems, to very neatly finish off the installation.
  • No compromise on the strength of the overall panels, using significantly thicker aluminium profiles, to unsure strength and durability.

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More information on our WARRANTY.